How to Masturbate - for women!

Let's normalize masturbation in guys and in girls - get comfortable with your penis/vagina/clitoris so you know what you like AND what you don't like. If you don't know what you like, how will your partner? It's not gross, it's not weird, it's not disgusting - it's you :)
How to masturbate for women? How do women masturbate? Masturbation techniques for girls answered, and more. Masturbation isn't gross or weird for women; masturbation is as normal as brushing your teeth or combing you hair. Explore, discover and see what you like and even more importantly, what you DON'T like. If your parents won't talk about it, if your teachers won't talk about it and if your doctors won't talk about it, this one WILL. DM me for any other questions @glamourpussmd on IG!