How to Finger a Girl

Happy Freaky Friday and welcome to the basic, 101 fingering episode! Please feel free to cheekily share with your partner if they have NO IDEA what the ef they're doing! I was hesitant to share this episode because I'm applying to Residency Programs (to work and practice as a doctor) right now in the fall and I thought, Is this appropriate? And then I was like, Well isn't talking about ANY other part of the body appropriate? Yes. Why don't we talk about pleasure? Why aren't we talking about how to please a girl? We not only GLOSS over these topics, we completely ignore pleasure all together. And you know why? Because we've made it "awkward" in our society. Did you know Denmark begins teaching kids about consent and pleasure in elementary and middle school?! Now THAT'S whats up!!
So please, join me in today's short and sweet episode on fingering and how to please your lady because it's time to talk this out instead of leaving it in the dark.