my DAD buys me my 1st MENSTRUAL CUP

Bonus points for anyone who can count the number of times my dad burps throughout this episode.
I wanted to try out the Diva Cup (a menstrual cup) and did this impromptu video on my iphone with my dad.
A few things - 1, I wanted to review the cup because it seemed pretty cool and different than tampons or a pad. 2, I like that I did this episode with my dad because it's OKAY FOR MEN TO TALK ABOUT MENSTRUATION. There's nothing "unmanly" about it. We give human LIFE because our bodies so #BlessUp to my uterus & all the other uteruses out there. 3, my dad is awesome for shooting this video with me and shout out to CVS for carrying the Diva Cup. 4, My cat, Siboney, CAN open doors and she very well could have opened that door and there's a definite possibility that I am more of an adult than I lead my family to believe.