What is Syphilis?


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The beginning quote is to help remind everyone that women are not present for others' sexual desires and pleasures. We all must unite to stop violence against women; this includes cat calling, verbal harassment, sexual harassment and rape. #metoo #letsact

This video is about SYPHILIS and everything you MUST know. Most important way to protect yourself from this DEADLYYYY disease?? USE PROTECTION. And stay tuned because at 2:15 there is an AMAZING female fact for ya.

If you want to know how to protect yourself from STIs, this is a video for YOU. Continue watching so you can learn about all the other STDs in a fast, easy way.

Remember that STIs are bacteria and viruses and that they are no different from the bacteria that causes strep throat or the virus that causes the common cold.

Both are bacteria/viruses but they just look a little different and live in different places of your body. You don't consider yourself "dirty" if you get a cold, so don't judge yourself if you get an STI...BUT, do what you can to PREVENT yourself from getting one because it's very do-able!
And remember, talking about these subjects de-stigmatizes the issue. If we talk about it, we can learn about it and then we can prevent them :)

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