Uncensored Sex Education - Normalizing 'Taboo' Topics


If we don't openly discuss "uncomfortable" and taboo topics, we won't ever become comfortable with them! Knowledge about your body means power in your choices in regards to your body. Healthier sex equates to healthier lives. If we don't understand our bodies or normalize these conversations, we'll continue on the way we are: censored, with limited information and ashamed. Let's talk about sex like we talk about the weather. Let's normalize it so we can create power within it!
Welcome to GlamourPuss, M.D., a youtube channel that has uncensored, essential, comprehensive and down-to-earth SEX ED. It's everything you wanted and needed to know...and probably more.
Although 2020 is starting out rough, there's no reason we can't become Masters of Sex. That includes learning some anatomy, reproductive health, how to put in tampons, what's a VAGINA look like and more! Make sure to ask questions by commenting and sharing so all your frandsss are in the know :)
Topics include: What is sex? When's the right time to have sex? How do you put in a tampon? How to have GREAT sex? What type of STIs should I look out for? How do I avoid getting an STI? How do I avoid getting pregnant? And more...