The Magical Clitoris: Myth or Legend?

That clit is littttt, girl! If you're having a hard time watching or sharing this video, just think about WHY - is it because the word clitoris makes you feel uncomfortable? Are you ashamed of the word? Embarrassed? What has made you feel that way in the past?

Just remember, your school or your parents or your past/current partner in a relationship doesn't have to make you feel any type of way about your female anatomy. That is what it is - ANATOMY - not a dirty word or blasphemy. Do you cringe or shy away from the word "hand"? No, because it's no big deal.

Create that idea in your head about the words "clitoris", "vagina" or even "sex". If we become empowered by these words, we won't be scared to use them if, for example, a person touches us inappropriately at a young age ,or even as an adult. Maybe if we use them powerfully, others will RESPECT our bodies because they, too, will realize that these words are powerful, and not "objects" that they can use to their pleasure or leisure.

Everything you need to know about the clitoris! Feel comfortable with your body, ladies, instead of ashamed by it!

The clitoris is just like any other body part, so say it, own it, love it!

Today I'm giving you an insight into the all mighty, all powerful, clitoris! There is so much to learn and even more to USE! So watch, listen and share!

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