Is a Career in Medicine Right for you?

I FINALLY have Dr. Ross on my channel and I canNOT be more excited!! We're talking about doctor things (sorry Sex Ed, you'll have to hold out for another week, but I promise, it'll be worth it ;)
Is medicine right for you? Should you go pre-med? What is pre-med like in college? How do you have to prepare for pre-med in college? What medical school is like? And, How to choose a specialty! Dr. Ross and I look back on our college and medical school years and talk about what we did, what we would've done differently and what we've learned thus far while in medicine.
This episode comes at a PERFECT time because I just received my passing scores for my medical boards so I am FINALLY a doctor, just like Dr. Ross :)
Thanks Dr. Ross for joining me today! Hope to see you again :)
*this episode was filmed in 2018, pre-COVID, hence the lack of masks*
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